Struggling with your presentation? Stuck moving past the title slide? Having difficulty getting the creative juices flowing? Here are 8 resources to get you un-stuck.

  1. The Science of Being Memorable¬†(of course ūüėČ Re-invent your presentations with 26 science-based techniques and guidelines
  2. How to Deliver Presentations That Are Awe-Inspiring. Corey Eridon and Hubspot share presentatin tips that help guard against yawn-inducing slides.
  3. 7 Tips to Beautiful PowerPoint. Eugene Cheng gives a short talk about presentations that make a visual impact.
  4. The Left Brain Powerpoint by Cliff Atkinson. Psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist clears up popular misconceptions about the function and relationship between the right brain and left brain.
  5. Five Presentation Mistakes Everyone Makes. Nancy Duarte advises, don’t make these.
  6. Killer Slide Decks. A gallery of exceptionally well-designed keynote and powerpoint presentations.
  7. How Can I Make My PowerPoint Presentations Amazing?¬†Lifehacker’s Melanie Pinola shares some awesome tips
  8. Don’t do what everyone else does – ever!¬†The importance of originality, from Dr. Carmen Simon (video).

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