If you host a webinar but nobody pays enough attention to hear it, did it ever happen at all?

Let’s face it, for the vast majority of webinar attendees, that one hour slot on the calendar is an opportunity to catch up on some email, retire that pile of ironing, or tinker with their fantasy league roster.  And while they might think that’s time well spent, it’s really a whole 60 minutes wasted by everyone. Especially you.

What if you could stamp out multitasking by grabbing attention in the first 30 seconds, and then holding it, vice like, for a full 30 minutes?  Or even an hour?  What if you and your audience were comfortable with the web cam, not hiding from it?  And what if you could truly measure the effectiveness of a webinar where you might not make eye contact with anyone?

Join our free “what makes a good webinar” session on Tues October 8th at 10am PST byregistering here.  Then clear your calendar of any conflicts – there’ll be no time for multitasking.


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