And how do we help our audience remember our presentations?

In a recent article on this blog (a presentation, in fact) we discussed memory and just how easy it is for people to forget what we tell them. One of the reasons we forget – presentations and information in general – is that we don’t properly encode the information in the first place. In other words, we don’t really “forget” where we put our car keys; we just don’t register their location into our memory to begin with. Why? We (some of us more than others) get distracted.

Distractions that happen while we try to remember something are the main reason memories don’t get encoded properly.

And this is a BIG reason why people forget your presentation.

So don’t let them get distracted. Persuade them to remember. Here are 5 tips:

  1. Draw attention to the important stuff
  2. Information sameness is bad
  3. Foster a deeper processing (i.e. ask questions)
  4. Make the audience part of the experience
  5. Keep it short

(Now where did I put my car keys…)

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